Please hold . . .

Please Hold

This weeks reading schedule went from one book on ‘Monday What Are You Reading?’ to four books with an abrupt holt today due to indecision.

The books in question:

Died in the Wool

A librarian who is chasing after the much-needed funds to buy her beloved library the new computers it has been waiting for, for longer than she cares to remember. A rival for the money ends up dead and Monah (librarian) is in the frame. So far the story has taken some funny twists and turns and slightly creeped me out. However that is just me being a massive wimp. I cannot wait to finish this book to see how it unfolds also so I can post my review to the publishers that sent it my way! Slightly late with it but there is no animosity so far.

The Snowman

So far in the book the scene is set as cold and snow-covered, dodgy happenings are taking place and there are no explanations for such things happening. This chunkster definitely seems set to give me a run for my money in the stakes of keeping my nose in the book. In terms of creepiness I have only managed to read this book when I know that someone else is on the premises – I really do not know what is wrong with me at the moment but I’m just going to ride it out.

As it states on the cover Nesbo is supposedly the next Stieg Larsson and his trilogy was awesome so I will definitely see this through until the end. I am sure it will be the book I carry with me on the way to work, this will enable me to have a full day to mull things over about the plot line.

On BeautyYet to start this book, has a blurb that makes me want to jump right into the middle of it just to see what is going on. However it has been a slow burner so still on page one and trying to push through. There always seems to be something else to do like watch TV or delve into another set of pages that I have almost completed. I will most likely leave this closer to the end of the pile and put all of my attentions into it. Not a great loss as it was purchased for £1.50 in Oxfam (Hardcover edition) – no money wasted just in need of time investment!

Life of PiJust received this morning, a book that i have wanted to read for many years now.
I’ll leave it at that for this book as there will be a follow-up thank you post.

Well if the weather is nice and sunny like it is here please enjoy and if not then I hope it gets better.

Happy Reading!



2 thoughts on “Please hold . . .

    • That’s just how i feel at the moment – unsettled! I will be getting the underground regularly for a solid 3 months starting tomorrow so will have plenty of time to read then!


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