Died in the Wool

Died in the Wool

What the book says: Hoping to procure much-needed funds to buy computers for her beloved library, Monah Trenary is battling for monies donated to the city of Pine Mills. When a rival for the revenue ends up dead, Monah is one of the prime suspects. Could she have killed for computers? Pine Mills police detective Mike Brockman is dismayed when he finds evidence that monkshood and Monah appear to be a lethal combination. As bodies begin piling up, Monah and proven sleuth Casey Alexander step up their own investigation. Will they clear the librarian’s name before she’s booked for murder?

My thoughts: At first I couldn’t get into the book as it was a bit of a slow starter, also due to the fact that I was reading it on my laptop rather than real pages or Kindle as I currently only get the Kindle on loan from my dad when he isn’t using it. Since the ‘rents were on holiday he took the Kindle so I was left to read it on my laptop but my eyes started to hurt. The book was originally sent to me as a NetGalley that I chose to review and was accepted.

Dyed in the Wool – Trustworthy and Stalwart – the latter or which I will look up!

Monah the main character did seem slightly annoying at first as she never seemed happy. BUT she grew on me with her meddlesome ways, getting involved in things that didn’t involve her. Dragging her co-worker and friend into things that were not remotely any of her business pushed the story further forward. Mike Brockman the detective of the small town they lived in is head over heels in love with her as she is with him. However both of them are very tight-lipped with their emotions towards each other which irritated me as I like to indulge in a bit of a romance. Over time it blossoms through the crimes that are taking place in the tight-knit community and they work parallel to each other, both aiming towards the same end point.

When Monah is incriminated with a chain of evidence things look like they may take a turn for the worst. This is where the pace was quickened along with my heart rate, not quite on the edge of my seat but moving towards it the action started to pick up but without a fanfare crescendo. Throughout the book I think I suspected each of the characters as the murderer (which would deem me an utter disaster of a detective).

The book was emotional but fun and overall an enjoyable that I will recommend to others for something to dip in and out of whilst reading other books.

Rating: rating3*Mediocre Beans

Pages: 256 (On Kindle)

From: NetGalley from Barbour Publishing Inc. (and very much appreciated)

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