Wednesday’s Weekly Word

weds weekly word 2

The lovely Jill at Nymfaux created this highly colours picture for my page and just so she can read it again she is an ABSOLUTE star!

The Rules:

– Find a new word to yourself
– Post the meaning of the word
– Link your post to the Link tool at the bottom
– THAT’S IT!!!

Day 16

Word of the Day



– done, occurring, or coming at night.
– active at night (as opposed to diurnal).

This weeks words


Yet again a related story to my day with as little as possible about my book – I am almost half of the way though but will finish sooner rather than later I hope. So I am working the night shift for the next couple of days and we really are night owls (so to speak). Well whilst I prepare for my next installment of ungodly hours which I will never get back – to sleep I go.

Well I hope you all have a Wicked Wednesday!




4 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Weekly Word

  1. Hi!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!—I’m definitely getting to love the numbers as much as the words!!!!–I really loved 15, but you can’t beat pink skull cupcakes for 16!!!!

    I tried linking up, but I think my internet is being fussy and won’t let me click on the Mr. Linky 😦 But I’ll try again later!!!

    *LOVE* your word today!!!–totally inspired my word for next week!!!! 😉 But this week I chose “paripetetic”–I can’t believe how often I used to skim over words without looking them up–I was usually right, or close, but I missed out on some unusual alternate aspects of the meanings!–So much more fun now!!!!



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