Day 36

Wednesday's Weekly Word

I haven’t been around for a while so hopefully this come back will stick and get me back on my A-Game. With work building up and my placement taking its toll I have found myself rolling off the straight and narrow but NO MORE. Focus is the name of the game and there is a great need for some in my life at the moment.

Back to the task in hand: Wednesday’s Weekly Word gives you a chance to check out a list of the words I have used over the past week and search for a new one yourself.

Link up your blog below and check out what words others have found.

day 36

Word of the Day



– a terse saying embodying a general truth
– astute observation
– maxim

Over the past week:

Day 30 – Omnificent

Day 31 – Concentration

Day 32 – Meditation

Day 33 – Cosmopolitan

Day 34 – Tantrika

Day 35 – Ramification



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