Day 51

Day 51

Word of the Day



– exhausting  a subject, topic, etc.;
comprehensive; thorough

– tending to exhaust  or drain, as
resources or strength

Something like going a bit overkill on a subject that need not be so complicated. That would be my personal understanding of the word. However another way of saying it is ‘Doing something to death’ so there is nothing else you can possible say or do to make it better or worse. I wonder if that is just me or that is a common understanding.

I found myself reading the help pages on how to get your blog noticed today. Tags seem to play a big part in the getting noticed part and the possibility of being freshly pressed. Also writing something that people want to read. So my thinking cap is still on and I am open to ideas! Books are still my main thing though obviously!!!

Right better dash into the nice steamy lush bubble bath I got waiting 😀



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