Wednesday’s Weekly Word – London Riot Action

Wednesday's Weekly Word

Yesterday the words I have chosen to put up are very directive towards the riot action taking place in London and a couple of other cities across the UK. It would be nice to see how many of you think this ridiculous action from stupid people with no brain or conscience should end.

Please link up and follow progress as we all fight stand against their disgusting behaviour:

day 64

Word of the Day



– disgusting; repulsive: a revolting sight.

Yet again surrounding the riot and looting action continuing in the London area and other cities. Like many other people I am disgusted at the actions of my fellow Londoners and do not think they deserve a place on this earth or even in a jail. Much like they feel shops and people home should be disposed of so should they. In the interest of keeping people from harm I think the police should have the authority to shoot and disarm and if not then bring in the army.

Our friends and loved ones are fighting to ‘save’ this country and risking their lives in a war that is not theirs. If the people who are rioting think they are better than everyone else then why not bring our army home and send them out to fight a war that they clearly seem to be fully equipped for.

Pointless is what all of their disgusting behaviour is.


Now the link up is below the Weekly Words picture which is the first picture on this post – LINK UP PEOPLE AND STAND TOGETHER.



2 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Weekly Word – London Riot Action

  1. Oh my gosh! I read somewhere else that things have died down, or at least started to die down–I only hope this is true and that you and your family are safe!!!


    • From what i heard yesterday which was pretty minimal news yesterday was when things started to quiet down – which is always good news in a riotous situation!

      I’m good and so are the family thank you 😀 Let’s just hope that is the end of it!

      Did you link up?!


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