Day 65 – Utilitarianism

day 65

Word of the Day



– the ethical doctrine that virtue is based on utility,  and that conduct should be directed toward promoting the greatest happiness of the greatest number of persons.

ATTENTION: The below post may offend the ears and eyes of some but it is how I feel in this current climate.

So as a lot of you know there have been riots surrounding various spots in London and other cities in the UK. Much like the past posts I would like to reiterate how utterly disgusted I am at the behaviour of people who live in the same city as myself. Some people have no self-respect. And now they are putting it down to not having enough support and benefit money. REALLY? I mean come on – how much more money would they like to suck out of the actual tax payers in the country? And for what? DOING NOTHING. The wrong people are rioting I tell you now! How about if it was switched to the people who actually do something to pay their way in the world and we looted all of the belongings of those who sit on their backsides all day and contribute zilch to society. But **NEWSFLASH** – this wouldn’t happen as we have too much self-respect for others and their belongings.

Well rant over.



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