Day 75

day 75

Word of the Day



– firmness in position

– resistance to change, especially
sudden change or deterioration

– continuance without change; permanence

What a nice feeling to have – being stable. Now it can occur at many times in your life or sometimes just a rare few, however when it does cherish it as it is something to hold on to. On the feelings side of things I have not felt this way for a long time and quite honestly I love it and would not only be a fool but extremely reluctant to let it go.

So it seems that I am getting sentimental, that may be due to the eminent coming of my quarter century birthday this week. I cannot say that I am getting old as that may be seen as an insult to some of my nearest and dearest but I do feel like I am reaching a certain point of maturity. So onwards and upwards from here I guess and I will look at 25 as a bonus rather than a wretched ball and chain to being a grown up!

I hope your sunday will be as relaxing as mine, I will be enjoying a bottle of Barolo and some much-needed movie time with the other half!




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