Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1. Old & New
oldOut with the old
newIn with the new
2. Night
3. Music
This picture is coming – my SD card failed and I am trying desperately to get all of my 200 photos back that I did not back up yet – crying out LOUD!
I originally got a picture of a tattoo that was on someones arm when I went out for my birthday – it seemed like fate!!! But then the dreaded SD card failure! So a replacement from a tattoo book!
4. Cheesy
Yet another SD failure 😦
coming soon!
5. Sun
sunI have never seen a dog that loves sun as much as him!
Right onto fixing the SD card – sad times!Young1

3 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday

  1. WOW!–loving the new room setup!!! (I’m assuming that you didn’t completely dismantle your room just so you could take the pics) 😉 And the doggy pic is REALLY good!!!! ❤


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