Rest In Peace Auntie Gladys 1920-2011

After a fabulous week away with my other half we came back to reality with a grinding halt.

There were delays from the beautiful island we stayed on for 7 nights and didn’t want to leave. If only the sugar-coated version of life could carry on.

On return to the UK we had a short wait for baggage and a steady drive home from the airport. I was excited to see the dogs and rushed over to pick them up. On the way back I headed to get fish and chips but had to drop the dogs off first. On my entrance to the house I received the news.

Gladys, Auntie Gladys, MY AUNTIE GLADYS was dead. This lovely woman passed away peacefully and sadly (much to my regret) on her own whilst in hospital. Running through my head are the thoughts of why wasn’t I there? How did I not know it was time?

Auntie Gladys was my second mother – from the moment I was born she was there and from 18 months old I spent more than 9 weeks of the year at her and Uncle Jack’s house. Uncle Jack passed 13 years ago now and this is time they are reunited. They both played a monumental part in my life and at this current moment in time I feel like my life has been ripped apart at the seams. Luckily I am not working at the moment and have time to think but that might be seen as a dangerous thing.

Crying is something that comes and goes but the feeling of being lost with a massive black hole inside of me doesn’t seem to be leaving me. I keep asking why? And what the hell am I going to do now but in reality I just have to get on with it right?

For now I will be remembering the wonderful woman known to me as Auntie Gladys, Aunty, MY Auntie Gladys as the best thing that happened to me since I was born. The woman who played a big part in what makes me the person I am now. I know I am glad that she saw me qualify as a nurse and finish university. However getting married and having my first baby is something she will sadly miss.

My (Fairy) Godmother which is funny when you think my name means Fairy so she is Fairy’s Godmother.

peace doves

Gone but NEVER forgotten.
I will ALWAYS love you from the bottom of my heart.



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