Blog revival

I woke up this morning and realised just how long I have not written on my blog or completed a book. With a mix of upset and anguish I have finally kicked myself up the backside and logged on.

Unsure of what was holding me back in the first place to blog and continue reading I hope it will be a more fluid task of getting back into the rhythm of things. The dreaded funk has been and hopefully passed over. Now time to get back to reality.

Over the past month a lot has been going on. With a family member passing, gaining a place of employment in the hospital and on the ward I actually love and moving here there and everywhere has got me just slightly frazzled. Now is the time to sort myself out. Welcome back the lists and organisation and throw out the frayed time schedule with minimal planning made for the days ahead.

How is everyone? The response I am guessing will be dismal but only can I blame myself for the lack of contact with the book world. Now to visiting and commenting . . .


2 thoughts on “Blog revival

    • Thank you so much, you really have made me :D. You know when you just get into a funk! I just couldn’t get myself out of it but hopefully that was the end of it!


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