One Day by David Nicholls

One Day by David Nicholls

Hodder said: 

`I can imagine you at forty,` she said, a hint of malice in her voice. `I can picture it right now.`
He smiled without opening his eyes. `Go on then.`
15th July 1988. Emma and Dexter meet for the first time on the night of their graduation. Tomorrow they must go their separate ways.
So where will they be on this one day next year?
And the year after that? And every year that follows?
Twenty years, two people, ONE DAY. ‘

My Thoughts:

When I first started reading this book there were mixed feelings of whether I wanted to continue through these pages or not. Perseverance however is something I try not to lack in. I originally picked this book up when it was first released and dismissed it as something mind numbingly boring. How wrong was I?!

Once the chapters started to make sense being a year apart even though this was stated clearly on the back of the book in so many words. my enjoyment began to grow. From the beginning even when they deny it there is a clear connection between Dexter and Emma and you just know that they will end up together.

It was nice to put together the idea of these two people living completely separate lives but with each other still having even the tiniest of influence on the other when miles separating them. I found myself lost in the story and captured by Nicholls adventurous style of writing.

I slightly surprised myself when I eventually got into this book and the pages just flickered past with a feeling of amazement. How could one person so succinctly put into words how most people feel on a daily basis without being caught out by such feelings that may contradict.

It is quite hard to write about parts of the book without spoiling the story so I think the best way I can describe it in one sentence would be – a catchy read that made me re-evaluate some of the people in my life, whilst waking up and really smelling the coffee.

I would love to give the book a 5/5 however it lacked something that I cannot quite put my finger on. If I find it then ill put it up.

Pages: 448

Rating: 4/5 rating4* worthy fix



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