Starting Over by Tony Parsons

Starting Over by Tony ParsonsAmazon says:

‘This is the story of how we grow old — how we give up the dreams of youth for something better — and how many chances we have to get it right. George Bailey has been given the gift we all dream of — the chance to live his life again. After suffering a heart attack at the age of 42, George is given the heart of a 19-year-old — and suddenly everything changes…He is a friend to his teenage son and daughter — and not a stern Home Secretary, monitoring their every move. He makes love to his wife all night long – instead of from midnight until about five past. And suddenly he wants to change the world, just as soon as he shakes off his hangover. But George Bailey discovers that being young again is not all it is cracked up to be — and what he actually wants more than anything in the universe is to have his old life back.’

My thoughts:

The main character George Bailey bad diet, no exercise and secret smoker (although not so secret!). After facing a ‘hard faced’ criminal in a potentially life threatening show down has a heart attack. That is enough of the spoilers from me however moving on. George’s life was something that many would desire, loving family, job that paid the bills and once again loving family. It is funny that even when people are given a second chance they don’t know what they have until it is gone and being flaunted in front of them.

This was the first Tony Parson’s book I have read although I have quite a few on my bookshelf that need to be read. The chapters were simply numbered however the story jumped from person to person without any warning and nothing seemed to merge smoothly. There were parts where I felt I was just getting a grip of what was happening and then ‘woops’ all of a sudden the story changed COMPLETELY.

Quite a heartbreaking story when you actually get into it and the fact it was written in such a tender manner is wonderful. When a family loses the epi-centre of their world it must be a gut-wrenching feeling and take everything they all have to pull each other back together.

Although the actual story had a good point of realising what you have and appreciating it. The actual style of writing seemed to be like it was a bit of an after thought. All considering this is very sad as I can imagine that other books by this author may be wonderful.

When I reached the end of the book I felt like there was a big chunk of the writing missing and the story was lacking a certain feeling of oomph. This is not a statement putting forward the idea that all books should have a happy ending but a definite ending unless there is another book which follows should be a must.

There should be more but regardless of what I think I hope you enjoy.

Pages: 291

Rating: rating2*Grainy Blend 



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