The Big Moan

Peter Griffin

We live in a culture of moaning well some of us at least. I know as well as most people that know me know that I like to have a good moan, BUT in my defence it is only when something really annoys me or I think it is very wrong.

As Peter from Family Guy says ‘do you know what really grinds my gears?!’ to the point and an effective question!

So here are a few things that grind my gears:

– Stupidity – unnecessary stupidity, not the staged typed like TOWIE (well partly staged as they are stupid!) but the idiots that ask a question already knowing the answer and knowing that it is a question much like Jo Pasquale that will get on your nerves!

– Ungrateful people – no matter who you are and how much you get on my nerves I will always say please and thank you. If people who read this know me and beg to differ then you REALLY don’t know me at all. There are also those people who do not know how good they have it.

– Assholes that get on the train and sit right opposite you and there is a seat next to them they could sit in but don’t and you have to move to get the leg room you had before. RUDE and unnecessary. Okay this was a quick add in for the dickhead sitting across from me on the train!

– Rudeness – Now this is one thing I really dislike, I also dislike people’s misconception of brash and direct with rudeness. Half of the time if people actually listen to what you say instead of just the tone of your voice they wouldn’t be so offended. But we are in a culture of non-listeners and per-judgemental people.

– Incorrect judgement – I’m not saying that for people to have an opinion they have to be right all the time as this is not humanly possible (I don’t think!) BUT if you are going to make a judgement present all the facts or at least be able to justify what you are saying. Also be prepared to admit you are wrong because guess what, Stubborness is not attractive especially on women!

– Know it alls – I know someone like this and if they read this they will probably think this post is all about them! Well I can’t tell people what to think but it’s really not! The annoying thing about know it alls is they DONT know it all, never have and never will. And to top that off they never listen to what you are saying even if they know you are right because let’s be honest here the truth hurts and it’s ugly when it’s said out loud. Know it alls (KIA’s – or does that damage the name of a perfectly good car brand?!) can NEVER admit they are wrong! It’s hilarious to listen to them trying to explain their way out of a hole big enough to have hidden Osama, Mugabi and any other disgusting person of such means! This is where I have to make it clear that I do not claim to KIA I just give my honest opinion. If people are stupid enough to read into my opinion as me trying to direct their life, well – take control of your life and stop looking for people to blame as good friends will be lost and NEVER regained.

Okay for now I think that is quite enough but I will be back with more! As always there is plenty to moan about.




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