Absolute Nothingness . . .

Is that even a word?

Well if it is not then there should be some serious consideration for entrance into the OED. So many conversations, films, TV series are about absolutely nothing. The biggest shocker is we watch it all, what some may call day time television or soaps is otherwise known as nothing. When you sit down to watch a documentary about something that really matters or maybe even the news your brain has to engage and weigh up the benefits and risks of the situation taking place, this is not necessary when watching the likes of the latest Eastenders or Coronation Street.

Sadly it has got to the stage where a lot of people are worried about nothing as the only thing in their lives is nothingness. Please remember it is not a word! Or is it?

A film that I have never heard of but will now be making a conscious effort to find and watch – Diner – with big stars such as Mickey Rourke, Kevin Bacon, Steve Guttenberg and others that will make your jaw open slightly but maybe not drop depending on generational birth year. A film that was written quite literally about the nothingness that fills in those awkward silences with witty conversations, the car journeys that are cut from scenes of films as they are thought to be too inconsequential.

This film has made nothingness SOMETHING. How amazing is that? Well you would think so but when the film hit the box office it didn’t make hearts skip a beat or blow things out of magnitude let alone proportion. In comparison with other films it was mediocre at best. However it broke ground for other titles apparently such as Seinfeld, The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm and will you believe it even Entourage (some may argue (not myself) it to be great!). The proverbial nothingness made something and made COMEDY out of all things.

Thinking into even more of an up to date and UK sort of thing how about Big Brother. Now I know that Reality TV is a completely different ball game but it came from nothing as is still nothing. A group of people sitting in a house and carrying on with their daily lives without the stresses of work, children and family life – HOW BORING? If not then what is the word as I REALLY cannot think of one. What is the obsession with actually holding your eyelids open with a pair of match sticks to watch some nobody sleep or have a cup of tea.

To many women Sex and the City is a show that portrays the life that most women would love, some women have and others detest. When you take a step back and actually think about it the show is yet another show about NOTHINGNESS, empty conversation about daily life that is far from reality but with a little line of truth to keep you hooked. I will confess at this stage I absolutely adore this show but only the latter series as the fashion is AMAZING and nothing less. The buck however does not stop with SATC it continues on throughout yet another generation into other shows such as Gossip Girl and most recently New Girl. Yet again both of which I find hilarious to watch and for reasons which I cannot name.

The reasoning behind my sycophantic behaviour towards such trivial and pointless shows would be that after long days work kicking back with a glass of champagne (or Cava) depending on the budget it is nice not to have to think. Is it just me?



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