Quite Excited

midnight sky

In the next couple of weeks I have two weeks annual leave coming up. Now assuming I can get over this DISGUSTING bout of D&V I will on my way to Rome, Amsterdam and hopefully Paris (not necessarily in that order!).

Over the past couple of weeks it seems like life has really been kick started and things are finally coming together for me. I have the time so why not enjoy myself whilst I can before I am tied down and future plans are set in stone. Now I have to give credit where credit is due (not to some!) but to those that crack on in daily life and still manage to have a good time (there are limits people!). I honestly don’t know how you still do it with everything that is going on but I guess it is part of keeping your sanity to ‘Keep Calm & Carry On’ so to speak.

keep calm and carry onWorking shifts definitely takes it toll but when you do get time off all at once it can be pretty decent. Relaxation is the key and is enjoyed to the maximum and I am able to catch up on my reading and plan much-needed adventures.

So here is to the next one and all the lovely pictures I hope I can take!

Bit of a midnight rant/chat! Reason for lateness – setting up XBox Live – I know not the most girly thing to do at 1am but hey I’m connected now so who gives a *%$^!!!

Have a good one!



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