The Butcher & Grill – Wimbledon Village

Butcher & Grill Wimbledon Village

the butcher outside

From the outside it looks like any other old-fashioned butchers but to the back there is a comfortable seating area where you can either dine alone or with many guests. The staff are friendly and inviting and that include the chef’s who say hello as they walk by and ask how their food is for you personally. Nice touch!

After about 10 minutes I have to say my derrière was aching from sitting on such a hard chair but the food made up for it. The poached eggs were perfection and the smoked salmon not only was there enough to feed two maybe three people for breakfast was more than satisfying.

Bottled sparkling water is something I have recently started to love and the particular brand of which I am unsure is used here was light and airy with just the right fizz. It was also nice not to have a metallic after taste. The coffee was nice but I would say there is room for improvement a little bit too woody for my liking but as a quick shot not bad.

Now the menu states Scrambled Egg with Smoked Salmon and Toast for a lovely price of £8.50. To my mind that is perfectly reasonable for eating out and the sheer amount of food you get for that price is excellent. The chef was more than happy to change the scrambled eggs to poached and as mentioned above they were divine.

The Butcher & Grill is definitely a place to take friends for a relaxed breakfast on a weekend morning and I am patiently waiting to return for lunch and maybe dinner – on separate occasions of course!

For approximately £20 with service charge included you can get the breakfast mentioned above one double espresso, one single and a large bottle of water. This may seem slightly expensive but as a treat the service alone is worth it.

Rating: 4/5 – Not a 5 as the coffee was not fantastic.

rating4*worthy fix

Well enjoy the rest of your weekend guys.



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