Vintage is the new . . .

Frocks and Frills Badge

From Wimbledon Town Centre to Portobello Road Vintage clothes are coming out of mothballs and into their own. With a great show of wisdom and beauty and that is just the floral prints busting at the seams, Vintage seems to be the way forward.

Portobello Road Market

Vintage is no longer thought of as Granny Anne’s old tat. Fresh original pieces with history that may go back as far as World War II and the great old days where swing was in. Colours and patterns mixed with the simple pleasure of classic beauty that resonate the illustrious golden ages.

bright vintage

Now on a more serious note – this is a corner of fashion that we must stand by and support wherever needed. REAL shops with quality clothes are a dying breed these days and lets face it, if it can survive a war then it can outlive Primark and even the great Marks and Spencer’s.

Those rare pieces that can be found hanging off some of the most expensive clothes horses in town and I’m talking about the starlets out there. The likes of Kate Moss and other Primrose Hill yummy’s. And yes I can hear you screaming at me from your computer screen ‘THEY HAVE THE MONEY’. Please recognise that not all vintage HAS to be overpriced it just takes a watchful eye, a snatch of time and a good opportunity.

Another solution for those that do not have the time is having the right place and time pointed out to you so here i go:

Frocks & Frills Vintage Fair Saturday 14th April '12 - St Mark's Church Hall, Wimbledon

I was lucky enough to get some beautiful shots sent to me by the creator of the Frocks & Frills Vintage Fair check them out:

Now all that is left is for you to have a serious think about Vintage and it’s impact on YOU.

I hope that has brightened up your Monday!!



2 thoughts on “Vintage is the new . . .

  1. Young1
    Yep, I love vintage clothes too. They just have so much character and detail that you don’t always get in modern clothes (not fashion expert) and they seem to be of better quality and at an affordable price. Nice post. I wonder if I can find those old bell-bottom trousers?


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