‘La’ Tour Eiffel

Le Tour Eiffel

Supposedly one of the most beautiful city’s in the world and a go to place for fashion and overall style. The great Paris personally for me falls on the wayside to the beautiful Roma. Maybe it was just my one chance encounter that turned out to be ‘mauvais chance’. 90% of the people we managed to come into contact with were incessantly rude and refused to speak english and this includes helping us try to get a grasp on their own language (we tried!). Now I really do not think I should have to apologise for speaking English as it is a universal language but the fact that we tried to actually speak their language and they were still rude, that really does not say much about this supposedly wonderful culture.

On top of my bad luck, I had food poisoning which was carried over from Rome and was vomiting everywhere possible so when I finally paused for intermission we managed to make it to the pharmacy and pick up some anti sickness meds. Another thing that surprised me – the drugs I got! In the UK we are very welcoming to MANY different cultures, languages etc and this includes putting their languages on drug instructions and ingredients – in France – NO! The upside to food poisoning is having a justifiable reason to stay in bed if you want to. But not on vacation!!!

It was sooooo comfy and almost sinful!

Google is definitely an English speakers best friend when in Paris, you can not only navigate easily around the city but translate (badly!) the point you are trying to make.

After all the nastiness the upside is the beauty of the city as the streets are clean and that seems to be respected by wanderers. One restaurant in which we actually enjoyed ourselves and would go back to was le Trentehuit.

Le Trente Huit Restaurant

The service was friendly which was a major plus and the food was so good. Between the two of us there was a litre of beer, for my main course duck with honey and ginger sauce and a side of dauphinoise potatoes and for himself! Linguine with Frogs legs (bless him!).

Duck with Honey & Ginger sauce and a side of Dauphinoise potatoes

Frogs legs! Throughout the trip we stayed relatively sober but ended up getting soaked by the continuous rain hence the new purchase!!! Now one reason i love Paris is because it gave me a reason to buy shoes!


I am not saying that I will never go back to this city but going on the issues surrounding this trip is it unlucky at this present time! Never say never!



3 thoughts on “‘La’ Tour Eiffel

  1. Oh dear, this has brought back memories for me. I was in Paris a couple of weeks ago and have no intention of returning. Rude, rude, rude is putting it politely. I had an awful time and on the first night tried to get Eurostar back to my wonderful London. If it was not for the excessive cost, I would of come home.

    Anyway, I wish I had found a restaurant like the one you spoke of. Accurate post I say.


    • Why thank you so much for this much needed title change, there is always room in the world for change! Was there anything else you liked about the post?!


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