My Google Phenomenon

self search

The wonders of the internet never cease to amaze me especially Google and its nifty search purposes when looking up something that is particularly excruciating to the naked eye during a regular library search of hard copy. To my surprise this morning whilst googling myself I was at the top of the list when you type in Young1. There have been moments when I have contemplating changing my screen name as with each year of ageing it seems a little more inappropriate. However to me the name resembles everything I ‘was’ when I started blogging thus the time continuum that is my blog.

There are days and even weeks that have previously let to the odd month where not a sweep of the keyboard has presented itself on my page. This is due to various reasons but mostly it is the point I made in a previous post that if you have nothing to say then just say nothing at all. I find it much better than rambling about useless chit-chat that quite frankly I find hard to tolerate from most people so it would be misguided of me to carry out such an act.

A recap of my goings on over the past couple of months that does not include books would mean delving into my personal life, something of a vexatious point but nonetheless it doesn’t jump into my secluded side of life once in a while otherwise I would be a mere presentation of a screen name with no personality.

It is no secret that myself and a very close friend have put together a brand name that incorporates the resale of quality vintage clothing and home-wares as well as making our own vintage inspired pieces. So far we have relied on a word of mouth source for customers however when we are ready for the big launch I will be on here quicker than Usain Bolt with an olympic torch if he got the chance (I am unsure as to whether he did as have not been keeping track of it!).

Work has been a constant uphill battle but I am not a quitter especially when people are trying actively to grind you to a halt and set you back. Instead I have set my own boundaries that are far exceeding my current organisation and in time will be smashing through such targets with grace and dignity. Even though I am not particularly religious – not that you would think that from my last post the trend of this passage is highly relevant. Genesis 40-41 ‘You can’t keep a good man down’ – how relevant is that?!

Have a great day!



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