Scavenger Hunt Sunday 05/08/12

Glad that I remembered this week and have managed to piece together some shots. Let’s get started!

Going Back in Time

Turning Back Time

I am not quite sure what happened to me but 20 something years ago I was quite cute if I do say so myself. Just saying!

Something Just for Me

Something just for me

I am loving the fact that Starbucks started the whole personalised coffee thing. However I have to share my disappointment that they haven’t kept it up and it has been back to normal for about two weeks now.

Best Part of My Day

great viewOn the morning after my last night shift of three or four in a row. Despite the prospect of staying up all day after that last shift you know that morning coffee will get you through and it will be a great day!

Night and Day

Night and Day

That time when day becomes night is just amazing. Even more so when you are snuggled up and expected a rain storm. The colours are just amazing and I wish I would have thought about taking this picture as well as the others I did as preparation would have probably seen better results.

Look Up

Looking upAnother Brighton photo. It was a great day and this just had to be included, I mean look at those clouds. You have to look up every now and then just to get a bit of perspective on what is happening on the ground. Just don’t open your mouth when seagulls are about!

Have a great hunt!



16 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday 05/08/12

    • Thank you so much 😀 your blog is sooooo nice. I have been back several times for a mixture of music and photos – just amazing! Don’t be a stranger 😀


    • Either that or what are you looking at?! The looking up picture was taken with much trepidation as I did not want to end up with seagull poop in my mouth!


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