Mother Tongue

Many flags

You have most likely managed to decipher my mother tongue is English (British). As I walked around the South Bank today there were many different languages and dialects of such languages that I was lucky enough to be within earshot. The question you will probably ask is how does someone who speaks high school german (barely) and knows no other language pick up said languages and know what the hell is going on.

Well, here is where I have to praise the olympics! There are so many people from so many different parts of the world and they are carrying around their native flags with pride. Is it just me that thinks it is a great shame that all of these people, well most of them know our language fluently however even the basics of spanish, italian and french a lot of us wouldn’t even care to learn. I would say the main reason would be the time factor and that many things in London seem to be rushed – even down to the basic of living and enjoying life!

Sitting in Starbucks by the South Bank on my day off watching the world go by I am in the vicinity of four different languages. One of which I only understand the beginning of the conversation and the other of which I only understood the end. In my lifetime it is an ambition of mine to learn italian and be able to use the beautiful language fluently in conversation with a native italian. How I will go about this task I am not sure. Whether it will be my own personal Eat, Pray, Love or just a short course and long trip.


2 thoughts on “Mother Tongue

  1. I love listening to the spoken languages of the people around me in London, especially on the bus, would be much easier to guess if everyone was carrying their flag all the time 😉


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