Scavenger Hunt Sunday 19/08/12

Had to kick myself for not posting last week but hoping this week will make up for it.


Forest for birds

A place to hide and reflect, even for wildlife. Somewhere that you can try to blend in with your surroundings – camouflage!

Morning Light

sun breakthrough

I love the feeling i get when i watch the sun coming through clouds – even though this was not early morning it was still before 12pm – just! (Check the clock!)


hands touching

Steel pan light touch

TLC and sleep

A sense that is so precious and can sometimes be extremely undervalued.
A couple of pictures here just to show how often we do it and don’t realise.


Newspapers Online

I’m a free paper kinda girl (Metro, London Evening Standard) however I will pick up a copy of The Sunday Times once in a while. For various reasons that can go from that feeling of knowing when you read something so worthy or just to get the good inserts. After getting other things done I had to settle for an online catch up!

Coffee or Tea


Hands down Coffee will always be the winner but Iced Tea really tickles my taste buds on days like today. The weather is premium and the vibes of the great british public are off the charts. They are all smiles! Now the above aren’t exactly coffee but have 40 – 55mg in a Grande size so that will do for me!

Have a great hunt!


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