Finally! The Beginning…

Bloggiesta Starting Line

This is my official Bloggiesta starting line so let’s get cracking!

As I missed the previous Bloggiesta I was eager to get involved in this one and make some changes large or small to my blog. Then I was given my work rota which threw a couple of spanners in my plans for work. However pushing through I will work for an additional day to make up some time and get through my ever-growing list.

So without further adue my list:

– Read 25 new book blogs and comment

– Read 10 unrelated blogs and comment

– Write 10 standby posts

– Create a QR Code for the blog

– Write 10 standby reviews

– Take 50 pictures using my camera and start a new photo library for the blog

Embed a YouTube video for the first time – a flashback mini challenge

– Trial Foster Community – a flashback mini challenge

– Update Review Policy – a flashback mini challenge

– Improve search engine interest – a flashback mini challenge

Now I am sure there are many other things that I will think of along the way. Considering I will be most likely adding on a couple of days just to get most of the list done. Please do allow delays due to time restrictions (WORK!!!)

Before I go I will congratulate myself on ticking off one thing on my list and that is the video that I have managed to embed below thanks to the help of Yiota and everyone at Splash of our Worlds

Just remember it’s Bloggiesta and its time to FIESTA! OLE!!!



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