Welcome Distractions

Coffee - Starbucks

On my day off I should be utilising my time and making way through the every growing pile of books for review. Over the past couple weeks I have been over joyed with the books I have received and really am looking forward to getting stuck in but on this particular day I woke up extremely late thanks to the three night shifts I did and just kicked back with a cupย of coffee in my regular Starbucks.

This is going to sound very sad indeed but it made me smile when the barista (her name is Denise) remembered what I wanted to drink and that I had a Starbucks card to pay! Without thinking she rang up my drink and held out the bar code scanner with a smile.

Taking up my time today are the photos that I should have posted on a here a while back but have never really got around to it. Also I will be working on tidying up my sidebar – one of the Bloggiesta challenges I set myself but didn’t quite get the time to complete.

Well back to it!

Enjoy the rest of your day!



2 thoughts on “Welcome Distractions

    • Bought some new snuggle socks this evening kind of wish i had them in the morning that way i would have stayed at home all day! ๐Ÿ˜€


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