Books Books Everywhere and Not A Line to Read

There always seems to be a list of books that I want, need or have lying around somewhere for me. Today that list was found in my notebook that I carry in my work bag. Neatly written out (if I do say so myself!) was a list a of books and their authors with their corresponding publishers to contact. The problem I have with such lists is they get put in a place or several places as the case may be and a couple of weeks after the books have been published I find them. This time I was not leaving that to chance, the page was not ripped out but tick boxes were drawn and the notebook was propped next to my computer as a constant reminder that I should get emailing.

So tonight when I sat down to check emails and delete junk mail I got typing and managed to email each publisher for said books on my list. I wonder what kind of response I will get back – hopefully a good one! If so I will definitely have a buffered reading list and very nicely propped up bedside table.

Well here’s hoping! Have a great day guys!




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