Slow Progress & A Challenge

Champagne Treat

If I were to create a timetable for myself I am sure it would just be another way to inflate disappointment for non completion of tasks in a timely manner. For some reason my organisational skills are a bit off the wall lately. I think it may be time for me to sit down and go through my drafts and schedule some posts for the next.

There will however be a post in the next couple of days regarding a little champagne tea party that I have been invited to. Vintage is definitely the word of the week and I look forward to the shake up for a bit.

Have You Heard?

Thanks to

Speaking of Vintage I just have to tell you all about a little mini challenge going on that is being hosted by my best friend who coincidently writes over at Vintage Frills. Check out the challenge and sign up – it is her first one and the support is most welcome.

Vintage Frills Unfinished Book ChallengeRight that’s all from me for now so go on over and check out/join the challenge.



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