99 St Martins Lane


On a rather chilly autumn day I decided to go in search of a new Starbucks. Now it won’t be my regular as it is not convenient to get to at the drop of a hat. However it is easy to get to if you are in central london as it is only a three-minute walk from Leicester Square tube station.

Leicester Sq Station to 99 St Martins Lane

Leicester Sq Station to 99 St Martins Lane – thanks to google maps

Whilst trying to find the coffeehouse I was lucky enough to find a road full of book shops that sell second-hand and much sought after books. Sadly I didn’t buy any but that is due to the severely over inflated prices. There was no stopping me from walking past and wistfully wishing I had my own personal library with the likes of such classics within my reach whenever I wanted. The short walk through Cecil Court and a minor trundle to the right on St Martins Lane bought me to this:

99 St Martins Lane

99 St Martins Lane

Ladies and Gents this is quite frankly the most beautiful Starbucks I have seen, the outside does not conform to the updated generic store front that we are used to seeing with a massive logo dominating the window. The delicate decoration of gold on black with the older known sign in the window is the perfect balance. Not only was the place a delight but the staff as well. Even though there was a very substantial queue (understandable) it was worth the wait. I have to admit I did initially walk past it and have to double back but I got there in the end.

Starbucks St Martins Lane Inside

The Inside at a quiet moment

It was a rarity on my visit that there was such a quiet moment that led to the opportunity of an interior snap. I have to admit it is a little blurry but that would be down to the use of my iPhone and trying to get a picture without people noticing. Back to the service and what I went there for in the first place.

Salted Caramel Latte

Salted Soya Caramel Latte

Okay, okay! I know there is not such a thing on the menu but I explained to the barista that I do not like Mocha’s so she made me a Toffee Nut Soya Latte with Salted Caramel Powder on top and in short making it a Salted Soya Caramel Latte. This is what I mean about accommodating, considering I went to my local and when I asked for what I was previously given I was gawked at like a cyborg! Until the supervisor came out at least.

Back to the place of tranquility, relaxation and good beans. The decor is what some would call dated but really it is just perfect for the setting that you get from the outside. Two things I did not bank on were running into someone from primary school days and having to fight for a seat at an unusual time of day for people to be out of the office. Let’s be honest though – if this Starbucks was round the corner from my office well the office would have to be round the corner from my Starbucks if you know what I mean.

So whilst searching for a seat I encountered a minor glitch in my plan for overall afternoon caffeine induced happiness.

Non Coffee Drinking Wifi Thief

Non Coffee Drinking Wi-Fi Thief

That’s right folks not only did I find the ever elusive Waldo (or maybe he is Odlaw given the circumstances) but he was taking up valuable seating in a primo spot for beverage purchasing patrons. Now usually it is fine if someone just nips in to catch a signal for their wi-fi in the middle a downloading crisis or at least be desperate for the toilet and multi task. But no this person decided he would take up the space that is set out for those that are purchasing a beverage or sitting with a friend who has done so.

Thirty minutes he sat there, eyes glaring at his phone and not looking up when said beverage purchasing patrons looked endlessly for a place to park on their breaks from work/day out. I have to say it is nice that Starbucks is not full of ‘those’ signs that state such things as:

Restrooms for patrons only

Click the photo for the source

Car Park for Patrons only

Click the image for the source

In this instance I have a massive amount of praise for the next sign as it is clear concise and to the point – although who would sit in this restaurant just to use wi-fi!

Mc Donalds wifi for customers only

Click the image for the source

Instead the sign that should be up in this beautiful establishment that invites people to use the free wi-fi without the purchase of even a bottle of water is:

Free Wi-fi for Everyone

Click the image for the source

I know this sign in fact does not exist – well to my knowledge it does not. However they might as well make a large one as stated before and plaster it on the entrance just so people know that when they purchase a cup of coffee there will be some waster looking for a free bit of internet lurking for a seat without a drink.

Rant over!

Have a great day!


11 thoughts on “99 St Martins Lane

  1. I walked past that Starbucks the other day and thought what a nice shopfront. On the topic of bookshops, do you know Any Amount of Books on Charing X road. Has an excellent bargain basement crammed full bits and bobs. A bit like TKMaxx, a lot of rummaging for the occasional gem! x


    • Did you go in? It is just as beautiful inside and the staff are great 😀 I think I will have to visit Any Amount of Books – thanks for the recommendation have you found any hidden treasures there recently? Thanks for the visit and comment Charlotte don’t be a stranger 😀 xx


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  3. So funny to read about my work place on a blog. Thanks for sharing us with the world and hope we’ll see you in there soon again! Always lovely with nice customers. 😀


    • Oh wow – I think you are going to have to email your name so when I visit again I can say hi! Please don’t be a stranger as I am sure there will be plenty of coffee related posts!!! 😀
      p.s. Your store is gorgeous so definitely will be back on a free day 😀


  4. That is my store at the moment and it is even more beautiful.. We renovated recently so please do feel welcome and come to see us 😉 best wishes


    • Now I wish I had some time off – I might have to sneak in for breakfast when I finish my night shifts on Thursday morning next week 😀


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