Unfinished Book Challenge

Unfinished Book Challenge


My good friend Catherine over at Vintage Frills is holding her first ever challenge. If I am honest this challenge should be relevant to a lot of people as we all know that there are a couple of books that we have left unfinished. For one reason or another some books just get left on the wayside and forgotten about. Thanks for this lovely lady ‘NOT ANYMORE!’. Now I am unsure as to whether it will become a regular thing maybe even a bi annual event where you can just have a good old catch up but I am sure you will enjoy it nonetheless.

That feeling when you have no books hanging over you like an albatross leading you into the abyss. Well without further adue here is my list:

Ernest HemingwayA Farewell to Arms – 171/324

F Scott FitzgeraldThe Great Gatsby (Kindle Ebook) – 32%

– Charlie Croker – Terms of Employment (ARC) – 135/246

Out of all three Crocker’s book is the one of the list that I am most reluctant to finish however you will find out why when I write the review which will be published on 25th Oct. Hemingway’s book I am attempting and have been for the past couple of days to steam through and get reviewed as soon as possible, as for Gatsby this book is intriguing and at the same time my feelings are rather stoic. All that is left now is to sit and read!

Good Luck guys and please go to Vintage Frills and follow this beautiful blog it will be one of the better things you do with your day.

Have a Great Day!




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