Sundays In Bed With . . .

Sundays In Bed With

A meme hosted by Kate over at Midnight Book Girl this is the first time I have participated in this meme and it looks like it is a good way to showcase what you are reading at the current time whilst giving you a nudge to get reading!

My sunday book is my current read which needs to be finished ASAP!

Farewell to Arms - Ernest Hemingway

As you may have seen on previous posts this book is taking me longer than most books this size have done to read. However perseverance is a must as I do not want to leave it unfinished.

Have a great Sunday 😀



2 thoughts on “Sundays In Bed With . . .

    • Indeed it is Ikea bedding! Are you in the UK?!

      This is my first Hemingway and I have to say although its taking time I have spotted a couple others I want to read! It’s a shame that the general consensus on him is beautiful writer yet misogynistic alcoholic or maybe that is just what I have seen?!

      Definitely give it a read you won’t regret it and the review will be up soon!!

      Don’t be a stranger with your comments 😀


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