The Birds, Bees & Potential Wasps

Stemming from a little conversation over at The Big Book of Dating about sex education and the lack of authenticity and content these days in school we got to talking about what it was like ‘back in the day’. Now I am nowhere near old enough to be considered as coming from the ark but these days with regards to sex it seems like it.

I have to say when I do eventually settle down and have kids it will probably be a subject that produces much umming and ahhing however the overall consensus will be that I would rather my children are safe and aware about what happens and what can happen if you are not careful. This would be much preferred to the old school method of ‘YOU MUST ABSTAIN’ as this has been tried and tested and did not work. Going to an all girls catholic school where sex education was limited I can safely say that children/young adults would be a lot better off having the facts taught.

Now over the past 15 minutes of conversation over at The Big Book of Dating I have suggested that maybe bringing in parents to teach would be a good idea. However the alternative which would seem a lot easier to stomach for students may be an actual health professional who is on the youngish side so the student can relate.

If the person teaching is young and vibrant students would most likely find it a lot easier to relate and open up when it comes to the question portion of the session.

Moving on slightly from the actual actions of sexual intercourse the emotional side of things should also be apparent. There should also be talks regarding sexual preference as we all know in the big wide world there are plenty of young adults that are uneducated on homosexuality and this can lead to the ignorance that such homosexuals face today. It should be made clear that it is not something that is disgusting and wrong but something that is a choice of the individuals/couples involved.

Once again moving on another topic that falls under the sexual umbrella is the risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases both those that come and go and those that are there to stay. Hence the title the birds, bees and potential wasps. From a professional point of view I have seen many newly diagnosed individuals who have handled the situation very badly when they are first told. This is understandable as it is an immense shock to be told that you have anything especially something that you have to potentially live with for the rest of your life knowing that society has such a dim view of the subject. Ignorance is not bliss and if education is carried out in the correct manner there are plenty of people who would be tolerant and open-minded when it comes to diagnoses of those who have any such diseases. Safe sex should be taught but cannot always be guaranteed and in this case education is better than keeping schtum.

Well that is enough from me on this subject for now – but it will be revisited in the near future and maybe with more specifics into various infections and diseases.

Have a great sunday 😀




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