Anna Karenina Read-A-Long

Anna Karenina Read-a-long

Just to let you all know I am hoping to team up with Christina over at The Romantic Life to host a read-a-long for Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. We both got in touch over twitter over the mutual feeling of genuine fear at reading this extra long book.

It would be nice to have other bloggers joining in and even non bloggers so we can all support each other through this challenge that will lead us up to christmas. The book is broken down into eight parts all of which are in readable chunks and this would make it a lot easier to take in.

I am using this post as a sounding board in order to gauge a response and if it is worth going ahead. From previous experience of comments on my blog they have been few and far between but I am hoping if I reach out as will Christine you guys will jump on our band wagon and join in the ‘fun’,

So …


6 thoughts on “Anna Karenina Read-A-Long

    • We were just throwing the idea out there to get interest up and we will post times asap. Hoping to start on Sunday 28th Oct and go for 8 weeks as there are 8 parts. There will be a base page and possibly a goodreads discussions group. What do you think?


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