Kiwi Bamboo & Papaya Seed Oil Facial Scrub

Kiwi Bamboo & Papaya Seed Oil Facial Scrub

From for £16.49

‘Gentle facial organic scrub combines micro-fine bamboo powder and an infusion of certified organic botanicals to refine appearance of skin, improve hydration, and eliminate tired skin cells. Imparts a youthful glow, velvety smooth skin texture and refines pores. Facial scrub formula infused with smoothing papaya seed oil and skin-refining bamboo powder that work in tandem to bring moisture and polish to your skin. To be used once/twice weekly.’

So far I have used this twice in one week, my skin does feel refreshed after use however I feel that when applying you have to use quite a lot on wet skin. With this in mind it may be better off starting with dry skin. There are no strong smells given on when used which is was slightly disappointing given that papaya is naturally quite sweet. However as the products are mostly organic I would rather little scent than being riddled with something overpowering and false.

The after effects were by no means shockingly wonderful as although my skin felt clean it felt a bit dry. This may just be down to my skin type but the product is marked for ‘all’ skin types. I will be trying this again over the next week to see if there is any improvement and will feedback on the results. Overall I would say the product is worth a try and if used sparingly will last a while.


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