Anna Karenina Read-A-Long

Anna Karenina Read-A-Long Purple

Hi guys and welcome to the base page for the Read-A-Long of Leo Tolstoy‘s classic Anna Karenina. The idea for this read-a-long stemmed from a twitter conversation between myself and Christine over at The Happily Ever After. We both want to read this epic book however at the same time were quite daunted by its magnitude. Do not be fooled it is by far a light read. But easily done with a group to support you.

The story:

Anna Karenina seems to have everything – beauty, wealth, popularity and an adored son. But she feels that her life is empty until the moment she encounters the impetuous officer Count Vronsky. Their subsequent affair scandalizes society and family alike, and soon brings jealousy and bitterness in its wake. Contrasting with this tale of love and self destruction is the vividly observed story of Konstantin Levin, a man striving to find contentment and meaning to his life – and also a self-portrait of Tolstoy himself.

Now we realise that there are many different editions and it is not a specific one that you should have. However as long as you know which sections are which and don’t give away any of the book before everyone else has had the chance to read and discuss. The Goodreads page has a discussion for each section where views can be aired and it will be interesting to see all the different reactions. Please feel free to join the group and get involved.

The Schedule for reading is as follows:

Part I – Oct 28 – Nov 3

Part II – Nov 4 – Nov 10

Part III – Nov 11 – No 17

Part IV – Nov 18 – Nov 24

Part V – Nov 25 – Dec 1

Part VI – Dec 2 – Dec 8

Part VII – Dec 9 – 15

Part VIII – Dec 16 – Dec 22

It would be great when you join in if you could write an intro post on your blog and link it to either here or The Happily Ever After. When reading if you find that you get ahead of the schedule then by all means carry on but we do ask if you please refrain from discussing such parts of the book until said time is dictated on the schedule and each discussion post.

Now for purchasing copies please check out – Amazon, Waterstones, WH Smith, Barnes & Noble & The Book Depository.

As Christine and I are in different countries we are still trying to figure out a time where we are both free to discuss the goings on of this event and how the read-a-long will be hosted. At the moment we will be alternating between here and The Happily Ever After weekly so keep checking back. Feel free to use the graphic above for headers of your posts.

So here are the links for you once again:


Twitter Trend: #AnnaKareninaRA

Christine’s Blog: The Happily Ever After



6 thoughts on “Anna Karenina Read-A-Long

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  2. Good luck with this one! I’m getting ready to participate in a Les Miserables readalong and am also feeling very daunted by the size–but everything is doable with a few blogging friends to support you on the way. Enjoy!


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  4. So glad we’re going to tackle this one, Fay.

    Beth, my teenager and I talked about reading Les Mis together over the summer, but we just never got around to it. That, too, is daunting to me. Good luck to all of us! LOL!


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