Terms of Employment by Charlie Croker

terms of employment by charlie croker

Random house says:

‘Has your doctor ever prescribed you some bug-juice? Or sent you to the rheumaholidaydepartment? Have you ever read an article full of anecdata or reviewphemisms? Do you think you work in an adhocracy, for a seagull manager?

Every workplace has its own words and phrases, from the Smurf juice used to clean plane toilets to the Peckham Rolexes, worn by criminals on release from prison. For Terms of Employment, Charlie Croker has patrolled hospital corridors, hung out by office water-coolers and lingered in shops to listen in on the conversations that only take place at work, gathering together the jargon we all use, often without thinking.

Whether you’re a white wig (new barrister), a heatseeker (ambitious employee) or an entreprenerd (geeky IT pioneer) Terms of Employment is an invaluable – and entertaining – guide.’

My thoughts:

My initial expectations were for this book to be quick-witted, funny and a bit of a surprise. Instead it was old school, dated and quite frankly a little bit boring. Some of the phrases used neither myself or colleagues who have worked in the NHS for many years have ever heard of and other professions which I am lucky enough to have friends in are yet to hear of some of the supposed colloquial slang. Even some tongue in cheek humour would be appreciated but that it most definitely was not.

Being that my expectations were dashed by the second chapter I gave this book a long shot at redemption and flicked through to the middle and near the end. Sadly I cannot say it got better but maybe that is just me. I have never been known to lack a sense of humour but maybe this book is just not to my taste.

That is all.

From: Random House

Pages: 256

Rating: rating1*

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