Catch me if you can


Over the past couple of days things have been a mixed bag of feelings and thoughts. Having spent two weeks reading at my leisure and enjoying myself it was difficult to return to the norm and not have enough time in the day for a regular toilet break. On the average day I can spend 140 solid minutes reading which is broken down to reading on the way to and from work and reading through my lunch break.

The one part of my reading day I enjoy the most is the reading through lunch. Even though I could be considered as quite a socially vibrant person rather than inept in such a situation I would much prefer to shut out the world for that precious hour and get through some serious pages.

My current reads include:

Meet Me Under the Mistetoe by Abby Clements

reflected in you by sylvia day

Both books are women’s fiction however at different ends of the spectrum one being considered one of the most erotic books on the market at the moment. The other book is considered pure chick lit. Meet Me Under the Mistletoe and Reflected in You were both released yesterday and even though I have had them in my pile for the past couple weeks this is the first time I have had a chance to pick them up. One of the reasons for reading both books is partly due to the fact that I left Mistletoe at work and needed something to read on my day off.

Do you ever feel that even though it is your day off it would be wasted if you don’t read something?

Have a great day 😀



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