Come on over . . .

Running Late

Better late than never – I would like to send out a warm welcome to all of you lovely bloggers (and non bloggers) that are joining us for this read-a-long of this potentially wonderful however quite daunting book. There may not be a lot of you but I am sure we will enjoy ourselves nevertheless.

As I am writing this post whilst I am at work it is slightly rushed and will remain quite short. Please do click HERE to link back to the original sign up post and get involved. Check over on Christine’s page for some updates also. And don’t forget to Tweet #AnnaKareninaRA.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend and getting stuck into Tolstoy’s classic masterpiece.

Enjoy! And you will hear more from me on Sunday night!



2 thoughts on “Come on over . . .

  1. I started reading it! Haven’t gotten very far, but I’ve started. This hurricane business has set me back quite a bit over the last several days.. so much preparations before hand and now recovery. Hopefully I’ll still manage to finish PART I by the weekend. How about you?


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