All Chromed Out

London @ Night

After an extremely tiring day walking around, sitting on boats going up and down the Thames and eating lunch I am well and truly up for some down time. Me, my book and my bed (after this post that is!)

Having to send and wait for some replies to emails I found myself messing around with Google Chrome in the interim. I love the fact that you can go over to the Chrome store and put games on your home page. It is like having an extra phone but on a massive screen. Anyway! I finally downloaded Theme Creator app and uploaded a picture.

I present to you the first theme I created for my personal use – I have put the link on here for you to have a look and use them if you would like to. The pictures I used were all pictures that I personally took either using my iPhone or camera so no issues with stolen images!

Hope you like – and if you don’t (I didn’t force you to look!)

London @ Night

I have posted the picture used in the theme above just in case the theme doesn’t work so can get the idea! Please do not use my photo above without asking permission first. Many thanks!

Hope you had a lovely Monday 😀




2 thoughts on “All Chromed Out

  1. How wonderful is chrome?! I love the fact that the URL bar also acts as the search bar too. I used to have both IE and chrome pinned to my task bar because I thought I would switch between the two browsers depending on which sites I was using, but I have abandoned using IE altogether now.


    • I know it’s great! I love the search bar part of it as saves so much time! I have safari but have vetoed that for Chrome!! Googles got it going on!


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