A Lot of Ladurée

My oh my! A lot of elegance with a touch of sparkle – that is what you call Ladurée!

Check out the website and doesn’t it just make you go ‘Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee so sweeeeeeet!’

Harrods was the place that introduced me to the loveliness that is Ladurée. The delectable macaroons of every imaginable flavour and the cakes that are displayed taking up the whole counter. I couldn’t leave without some macaroons and a small shopping bag (Charms Château in PINK!!!). A short history of Ladurée can be found here – as I do not want to infringe on any copyright and paste it to the actual blog please do visit the site that is as delectable on the eyes as le Macaron is on the palette.

le Macaron

Looking at the website and trawling through You Tube to find the video above bought me to the google images page and after I typed in Paris some of the images that came up just made my heart almost jump out of my chest. Now last time I went to Paris it was with my ex and even though I was sick he did try to make it as romantic as possible – I just was not in the mood. Not that I have to find love to go to Paris and enjoy the romantic city but when I hear Frank Sinatra sing about Paris ANYTHING it gets me into a romantic and sentimental mood so maybe just a holiday romance?! Ok a weekend romance?! I know, I know clutching at straws but a girl has to try right!

I will leave it at that otherwise I can see myself wittering on for a little bit too long!



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