Halloweeeeeen . . .

Is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than watching scary movies. Well for me that is just not going to happen as I am a big woos when it comes to horror films. I will hide behind a pillow, I would rather run a mile in the baking sun that watch a scary film. Some of my friends try to coax me into watching these terrible films but placating me on the fact that it is only fiction. However even though it is only fiction I DO NOT WANT TO WATCH such films. An example of my woosiness (I know that isn’t a word!) I went to a farm for a Halloween night event and spent all night following my friend closely with my head in his coat, almost jumped out of my skin when some fool dressed up as a murderer came at me with a fake chainsaw and being on the verge of a cardiac arrest and possible nervous breakdown almost ran back to the car!

My film choices will be as follows:

– Beetlejuice

– Casper (So what! It’s cute!)

–  Ghostbusters

– Any other romantic comedies I can find to stop me thinking scary things!

Yes I know you are thinking – what a sap but hey-ho that is what I will be breaking out the popcorn for! It will soon be christmas and this ridiculous ‘holiday’ will be over. Oh and let us not forget Fireworks night – 5th November! Now that is a different story! I LOVE fireworks – you will see how much closer to the time!

Have a great day!



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