Why you not happy Nurse Fay?

Sick Little Teddy Bear

That comment had me holding my sides and trying not to laugh too hard. The patient continued to state: ‘You are always happy Nurse Fay, always smiling and laughing?? Why are you sad?’

The particular patient questioned me in front of a student that was shadowing me and a couple other members of staff whom all promptly broke into hysterical laughter. My answer to my worried little patient was ‘I am always happy when I see you happy and that joke has made me smile so thank you.’

My own personal Ketut Liyer (if you have seen Eat,Pray, Love you will know what I am talking about if not then go and watch it!)

There is a valid reason why I was walking around like a bear with a sore head today and that would be because I am ill. When I woke up this morning I had to physically roll myself out of bed and grab on to the nearest nailed down object to heave myself up. Aching everywhere is a mild understatement and on top of the pain I managed to vomit three times whilst at work despite not eating anything since breakfast (Toast – 1 slice).

In my anguish I proceeded to inform the sister on the ward – I had already asked to speak to her as soon as possible after our morning handover but she was very busy so I thought it could wait. After going through the motions and completing various jobs enough was enough as the pain soared and I was sick again. I reported my issues to the sister who asked me: ‘Have you done your meds? Ohhhhh ok I am going to have to come out and cover you aren’t I? Who else is on the ward? Oh it is unsafe so I am going to have to come out and cover you……..’

With the barrage of ridiculous questions out-of-the-way my answer was: ‘I will finish my medications (even though I should be going straight home!) and then go home.’

She repeated the statement that she had to come out and cover me and then said: ‘Well let me get on with this then and let me know when you are going’. Now I am the sort of person that takes things with a pinch of salt but the tone of her voice was one of disbelieving non-empathy. If I am brutally honest – I understand the ward is now short, I understand that you probably think I am faking it and I fully understand that it puts you out as you have to stop whatever paperwork it is you have got to do to look after sick patients (There is a lot of paperwork in the background of running the ward and I am not suggesting the sisters don’t work hard – but come onnnnnn!).

A further response of mine was ‘I informed the sisters on duty yesterday that the man who I was working with yesterday (A registered nurse) was as useful as a chocolate teapot and that this morning he was allocated the most acute patients. She then asked me why I had let that happen to which my response was he was told by the deputy sister and nurse in charge today to go back to where he was yesterday!

I had enough and rang my doctor’s surgery to get an appointment. I needed to get the hell out of there before I lost my temper for my managers being such insensitive ass wipes who only care about themselves having to do some graft. This may sound like I have misconstrued the situation but that is how I feel at this current moment in time and I am sick.

Oh and before I go to give you an idea of my ridiculous rota over the past couple of days two shift on with one-off, another two on and another one-off and another two on. RIDICULOUS!

Please can somebody introduce me to common sense as one of my colleagues said the other day ‘I haven’t seen her for a while!’

All I want to do is curl up in bed with my book and fall asleep.

Hope the rest of you are having a great day 😀


I have not mentioned any patient names nor have I mentioned the hospital or ward that I work in. The names of colleagues have also been left out but if they are reading they know why I said what I did and should be ashamed of their actions.


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