Week 1 – Anna Karenina Read-a-long – Catch up

Anna Karenina Read-A-Long Purple

So it has been a week since we started reading Tolstoy’s classic Anna Karenina and I have to be brutally honest with you, I am majorly behind. Tomorrow my aunty from the US is going home hopefully to something much less than chaos. After her imminent departure I will be tidying up my wardrobe and room and playing catch up big time.

How are you all getting along? Good I hope and if you too are behind don’t worry about it just take some time out and catch up. This book seems to be going everywhere with me that I think will be possible to read. Just think of all the possible places – the bath is so far my favourite. Are you reading more than one book at this present time? I have about three on the go but am determined to get this one read and hopefully enjoy it.

Now over to the Goodreads Group – I have seen a comment about the confusing names and have to agree as I got as far as the third page and was like wahhhh. Hopefully things will start to fall into place.

Let me know how you are getting on and please do not be afraid of communicating with Christine over at The Happily Ever After

For some reason the InLinkz has gone missing for my previous post so will work on that tonight and into tomorrow. Keep a look out here and on Goodreads. Keep up to date on Twitter just make sure you either tag me @BlogABookEtc or Christine @ChristineA




6 thoughts on “Week 1 – Anna Karenina Read-a-long – Catch up

  1. I hope you’re able to catch up soon! I’m sure you will–it’s pretty easy to get into and reads through quickly, I think. Lots of dialogue and drama right from the get go. The hardest part in the beginning is keeping up with the character names because everyone has like three versions of their name! Just keep looking at the character list in the beginning of the book and you’ll have it sorted.



    • I don’t have a character list at the beginning of my book but by looking at the front I found that I have the Pevear & Volokhonsky translation movie tie-in!! My friend told me that there is apparently an online list! If I can find it I will do a post for a bit of clarification! I am now on page 60 so caught up a bit today and really getting into the story. Whenever I stop reading I want to find out what happened next!


    • Every time I put it down I want to pick it back up and know more. Sadly I cannot just read for hours as have things to do and would most likely not post for many weeks if I spent all my time reading! I need to catch up then average out to about 20 per day like yourself!


      • Fay, I posted a link to a character list on my discussion question post that I put up yesterday. Or you can simply google Anna Karenina character list and I’m sure you’ll find one!

        I’m reading something else this week, but will pick up AK again later in the week.


      • I want to start reading Mercy Close this week but want to catch up to an acceptable part first! I will take a look at your list and repost if you don’t mind 😀


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