It’s Monday What Are You Reading?

It's Monday What Are You Reading?

This weekly meme is hosted by Sheila over at Book Journey so please take a look at her fabulous blog and book choices.

Yet another week has passed and more pages have been turned. I know what I have been up to but I want to know what everyone else has been reading. Hopefully I will get the chance to comment on a few blogs today as life is slowly returning to normality and my sickness is starting to subside. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Onto the books:

Currently Reading

Anna Karenina - Leo Tolstoy

Click on photo for link to the Read-a-long

Meet Me Under the Mistetoe by Abby Clements

Loving Abby Clements book at the moment although feeling slightly sidetracked by Anna Karenina as a lot to take in. Need to focus more on the Tolstoy classic and register some thoughts over on the Goodreads page.

To Read

Jack Kerouac - On The Road

the mystery of mercy close by marian keyes

Both of the above books I am really looking forward to getting stuck into. As they are both completely different genres I may get away with reading them at the same time but we shall see.


reflected in you by sylvia day

This book was just great – read my review and then go and buy it so you can enjoy it as much as I did.

That’s all for the book aspect of my Monday. Later on today I am hoping to get some beauty posts up and maybe even some random pictures. The weekend despite me being sick has been quite manic with fireworks etc so stay tuned.




13 thoughts on “It’s Monday What Are You Reading?

    • You should join in the read-a-long so far we are only on section 2 of 8. I am really looking forward to the film too! Have a great reading week 😀


    • Thank you I am getting there! Back to work tomorrow so hopefully in the morning I will feel much better. He is most definitely a good companion nice and snuggly 😀 I am yet to get to the Marian Keyes book – I need to catch up on Anna Karenina First!


  1. all the books in your list look great and I wouldn’t know what to start with. I have a long reading relationship with Anna Karenina and I hope that I next time I start reading it, I will actually finish it. I always seem to be reading something else that gets in the way!!


    • She can indeed write and I totally get where you are coming from about the first book. I guess it is because we didn’t know where the story was going but moving forward like with 50 shades it has become a bit predictable especially with the ending of the second book! 😀


  2. Marian Keyes is just a good author- I’m sure you’ll enjoy her book!
    Anna Karenina is one of those classics I need to read but never get round too- hope the readalong goes well!


    • My last Keyes book was The Brightest Star in the Sky and I loved it!
      As for AK – you should join our read-a-long it’s not too late! It definitely takes some time to get into! Thanks for stopping by and please don’t be a stranger!


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