Inika – Mineral Eye Shadow – Thunder

Inika Mineral Eye Shadow Thunder

‘Thunder – Matt black, great for smokey eyes and adding impact. Apply over INIKA black eyeliner for definition and incredible intensity.

INIKA eyeshadows (1.2g) are rich in pigment providing vibrant and opulent colours that last all day.

The purity of ingredients means that they are perfect for even the most sensitive eyes. INIKA eyeshadows are multi-purpose and can be used wet or dry as a shadow or eyeliner’

Inika Mineral Eye Shadow Thunder on hand

Unlike the metallic shadows previously used this matte black caught me slightly unaware. However with the right brush can be quite the shocker for the sultry look. I am going to try it wet as it states it can be used above and see how I get on with more definition for an eyeliner.

I am a sucker for the sultry smokey look on eyes and love to attempt recreation when going out and glamming up. The smokey eye look is something that can also be worn in the day but not with as much emphasis on the dark lines so this would be the perfect product to use for building up that look after work before you hit the town. Much like the other Inika Mineral Eye Shadow pots it comes in a handy size that leaves room for other colours to make your look magical.

Inika Mineral Eye Shadow Thunder £14.50/1.2g at Inika


3 thoughts on “Inika – Mineral Eye Shadow – Thunder

  1. looks like a really nice black!!!–one trick someone showed me years ago, was that putting black on as a base–I have a couple shadows that are specifically made to do that–on their own, their fairly light or pastel colors, but add them over black (don’t be afraid to really blend it in!), and they become super vibrant/pop/stand out more!–but now I use the little trick with whatever colors I’m in the mood for–it’s one of my favorite uses for black shadow (or brown if I want something more subtle), and it’s absolutely something I never would have discovered on my own(so I like to share)–I’m sure you you could do this to really make your metallics pop! 😀


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