Nothing more than Zzzzzz

Tired Little Teddy Bears


Today has consisted of nothing other than sleep. When I got up late this morning the only thing I could think about was more sleep. In the back of my mind I was thinking – ‘I should post something on my blog, I really should post something on my blog especially as yesterday I managed to do a day shift at work and post with only two scheduled.’

Nevertheless I went back to sleep until around 12 when I attempted waking up again. As I was meant to be going out to return something that broke I should have been up and out but no all I wanted to do was answer my growling stomach. Cap’n Crunch Berries to the Rescue!

Cap'n Crunch Berries

Thanks to my aunt and her partner over in the states I have two of the largest boxes of cereal I have ever seen and I cracked the first one open today. Post cereal I managed to get some reading done so I am almost caught up with Part 1 of Anna Karenina and will hopefully power through later and over the next couple of days. 10 pages in and I was asleep again!

Now I am finally up and posting so hopefully I can get a few scheduled before retiring to my bed for some much-needed Christmas 24 channel (Yes I have started thinking about Christmas already!).

Christmas CountdownThat was correct at the time of my copy! Click on it to go straight over to the live Christmas clock!



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