Leighton Denny Femme Fatale & Leading Lady

Leighton Denny Femme Fatale & Leading Lady

FEMME FATALE is a rich, mossy eye-catching green, infused with the rich jewel tones – it’s decadent, ravishing and drop-dead gorgeous.’

LEADING LADY is a future classic – an elegant, sophisticated nude that combines sumptuous dusky pink with a delicately chic hint of grey.’

At 12ml per bottle you get quite a nice amount of polish that will last you a while. The brush is not overly thin like some and is easy to apply. I used a Matte top coat for the subtle effect and went for four of one and one of the other. As you can see here:

Leighton Denny Nails Femme Fatale and Leading Lady

Both colours are from the new Dramatic Collection for A/W 2012 at Leighton Denny and there is a further selection of some fabulous colours to compliment all the different party season outfits out there just waiting to be shown off. There is one in particular that I am looking forward to trying out and that is Leighton Denny’s twist on the classical Rouge Noir known as Temptress.

TEMPTRESS is a seductive twist on the classic rouge noir – a vampish, irresistible red with added show-stopping ruby glitter.’

Leighton Denny Temptress

That will go nicely with a hot little black dress and some knee-high boots for the christmas party I think! And injection of colour may be needed but that will all be revealed if I managed to get to the ball so to speak!

One more before I go and if you like it then you need to head over to Leighton Denny ASAP as it is a web exclusive and whilst stocks last. See the link at the bottom of the post or just click on the image below.

BIG BANG – This black and silver glitter polish is guaranteed to make an explosive impact ‘

Leighton Denny Big Bang

Leighton Denny gives you that touch of class and some classic as well as fresh nail colours that can be adapted for almost every situation. Definitely a staple for every lady’s beauty cupboard.

Leighton Denny Femme Fatale £11/12ml

Leighton Denny Leading Lady £11/12ml

Leighton Denny Temptress £11/12ml

Leighton Denny Big Bang £11/12ml




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