Inika Mineral Eye Shadow Selection

I have just made some much-needed updates on my product reviews and I hope you like them. Please do take a look even if you just skim over them it would be nice to know what you think of the reviews and the products.

Click on each respective link:

Inika Mineral Eye Shadow – Coco Motion

Inika Mineral Eye Shadow – Thunder

Inika Mineral Eye Shadow – Gun Metal

Inika Mineral Eye Shadow – Copper Crush

Now I realise that it is a bit silly to go back and rectify posts however I am a great believer of if you did not do it right the first time try again until you have it as perfect as possible to your own set standards. This does not by any means claim that I have written the perfect post but personally I am a lot happier with that little bit extra regarding my thoughts on the products.

Hope you are having a great day ๐Ÿ˜€



4 thoughts on “***UPDATES TO BE READ***

  1. these are great shadows/colors!–really inspires me for fall/upcoming holiday season!!!–I love how you can see how the shadows show up/work on your skin tone!!!–if you get a chance, it’d be great to see some close ups of your eyes!!! ๐Ÿ˜€


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