Anna Karenina Part 1

Anna Karenina Read-A-Long Purple


Now I have just managed to catch up on finishing Part 1 which going by the date ultimately means I am still behind by a whole Part. This week coming on one of my days off I will be dedicating my time to powering through and catching up completely. It is a horrible feeling being left behind – especially when you are a moderator!

Christine is doing splendidly even between all the things she gets through on the average day including the odd 4 mile run (go you – woop woop!)

This post only serves the purpose to congratulate all of the lovelies that have joined up either on the blog or via Goodreads and Twitter. You should all be immensely proud of yourselves for tackling such a challenge (Wowza is it a challenge!). As I am off on Sunday I will be posting my belated thoughts on Part 1 as well as updating some thoughts on the Goodreads discussion board. Please do not feel unmotivated by my lack of appearance as I am here with you in spirit throughout the read-a-long.

Have a great day and keep checking back 😀



2 thoughts on “Anna Karenina Part 1

  1. So glad you finished part one. Do you like it so far? I just finished part two last night–I admit I enjoyed part one a tad bit more, but it’s still enjoyable and dramatic, even if I think Tolstoy can be rather long winded. Just say what you mean, dude!

    Thanks for the cheers. 🙂


    • So am I – kind of feels like a milestone – working on part two and hopefully will conquer that tomorrow as less than 100 pages to go! I have to agree with the whole long winded feeling of part two!
      I will keep cheering! And I will reply to your email shortly! 😀


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