Neal & Wolf Form

‘FORM has been designed to help shape and hold the look you want with added benefit of head-turning texture and stunning shine.

Offering light to medium hold, FORM allows you to style while caring for your hair. It also retains moisture and prevents sun damage with UV protection.’

Neal & Wolf FORM

So far not so good. I have only used this product once and I was left with dry brittle hair and curls that were no more defined that usual. There was no stunning shine left on my hair however there was a matte look and a chalky feeling that I ended up washing out after about six hours of discomfort. Maybe my hair is just the wrong type for this (Mixed thick Afro Caribbean). This is not the last time I will be using the product so please do look for a further review as I do believe in second chances. Next time I use this I will make sure I have a full day dedicated to priming and pampering just to try and get it right. Maybe straighteners will help!

As for the Über sleek packaging it is functional and tidy and really does keep good form even when in use. Easy to open with a push down and pop up top and no mess left around the edges.

Neal & Wolf FORM Sculpting Lotion £11.95/200ml

Stay Tuned 😀



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