It is always nice to go on a day trip when you have some time and going a little further afield than you are used to. Hence the trip to Windsor. Myself and a friend made our way in a luxury car to the beautiful town of Windsor. Sadly we missed the Queen – her Maj was obviously not prepared to receive out wonderful selves. After losing phone reception for the entire trip, being unable to gain a wi-fi connection in a Starbucks and shopping until I could almost carry no more (wouldn’t fit in the tiny boot of the car – should not be called a boot as I have seen make up bags bigger!) we entered THE CASTLE!

Here are some pictures of our little day trip:

I always wondered what the ‘R’ stood for on the Royal Mail and signs such as this and it was explained to myself and my friend by one of the lovely guards in Windsor Castle. Apparently it is latin and for a female monarch means ‘Regina’ and a male ‘Rex’. This is something that really did interest me – it’s the little things!

Such a lovely day to take a walk around the castle.

One day I will own a lamp with a crown on the top!

And have a garden as beautiful as this – complete with a little water feature – just a ‘tiny’ one like this!!

Imagine waking up and opening your curtains to this view – my, my 😀

Sundown on the beautiful garden and over the chapel – perfect afternoon.

This may sound crude as it was pointed out by my friend but apparently the gargoyles up top there are picking their noses. Now that is class right from the top!

Corners and sharp edges have never looked so appealing.

Bathed in sunlight in all its glory

The perfect winter accessory, you would be so warm!

Windsor Castle Chapel bathed in natural light at sundown.

And that was my lovely day out. Check out my Instagram & Twitter both @BlogABookEtc for more photos.

Have a great day 😀




One thought on “Windsor

  1. Whay a lovely post Fay. I absolutely love Windsor castle, being a complete history geek!!! Your photos are lovely and I’m glad you had a nice day out. Plus blue skies in November? Wow! xxx


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